Saturday, June 9, 2012

Read Around the World

Back in April of this year, I decided to challenge myself with the following reading challenge: to read one book about every country of the world (see a full list of countries here). I later decided to increase that number to two books, because one book is not enough to get a really good feel for a country. Any one author will have biases and things that they don't think are important enough to mention and so on. I'll admit, I'm not sure two books is much better, but I thought anything else was a bit excessive, at least for the beginning.

Unlike a normal reading challenge, I'm not trying to finish this challenge as quickly as possible. I'm incorporating it into the other reading that I do. I'm trying to do it slowly, contemplatively, to learn as much as possible from what I'm reading. This is as much a spiritual journey, a way to understand people and the world better, as it is a list of topics I want to read about.

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